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Larix CPM is a construction procurement management and tendering software, that enables bidding and tendering transparency within all procurement stages, organize document and contract management.
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Larix Construction Procurement Management is a cloud based software that supercharges your bid and tender management and the workflow around them. We help construction companies to streamline every stage of their bidding and tendering processes by reducing paperwork and creating a more safe and transparent workflow.

Larix is also ready to integrate in your BIM workflow and work together with your existing programs such as Autodesk Revit, Oracle Primavera, Synchro Pro & Autodesk Vault.

The unique module based Larix CPM-Architecture is designed to conduct the entire procurement process from the submission of an application to the conclusion of a contract in a single information space. Making a complex and painful process fast and easy.


This will not just save you a lot of time and money it will also help you to lower potential risks and errors within that process.

Key Benefits

High Bid and Tendering process transparency

Larix CPM is a tool that helps have tenders and requests for proposals under control. Manage your procurement more efficiently than with classical email, fax or phone. Compose and publish tenders online, invite verified participants, analyse bids and choose a contractor. Actual bids analytics, reporting, agreeing contracts have never been easier before.

Distributed bid and tender packages management

Online Tendering with Larix CPM gives you more control and therefore more transparency over your tenders and procurement management processes by providing clear overview of all data in a single place. That saves time and let the team concentrate on the really important things.

Real Time Analysis and Reporting

Create and organize work packages, start tenders, allocate all data in the single system and enjoy the productivity. Secure and instant package management made simple and effective with Larix CPM.


Purchase Request

The Requisition process begins with creating requests for purchase.


Create automated approval routings based on your business needs.

Place Order

Automatically track, manage and organize your purchase orders in one place. Instantly deliver approved requests for purchase order creation.


Match your orders with what recived

Make Payments

Directly place your payments and keep track of them. Your suppliers and your accountants will love you.

Instant Online Bidding & Tendering

Secure and efficient tendering made easy. Start with managing packages, continue with bid analysis and go on with contract and document management.

Contract & Document Management

Track all your contracts, documents and bills in one single place. Fast, easy, accessible and safe.

Flexible Workflows

Align workflows according your internal processes and not the other way around. Larix adapts to your needs and needs only a minimum of training.

Grow your scored supplier network

Invite, rate and manage your suppliers. With approved lists you will be able to make decisions faster and more confident.

Purchase Order

Issue official orders for your suppliers without any hassle. Directly from Larix CPM.

BIM Ready

Larix CPM is a part of BIM Project Management Software, that includes data inheritance from the CAD Software to the construction field. Get in touch to know more.

Instant access & notifications

Keep Up with any changes and stay always up to date to date with our instant notification services.

Live Analysis and Reporting

Making the right decisions by having the right information at the right time.

Flexible Integration

Get work packages from Oracle Primavera or from wherever you like. Bind, share and spread information with our API access.


Our Online bidding and tendering system avoids mail delay and deliver your documents in time, safe and dry. Larix Construction Procurement Management was designed to provide the most secure document workflow for you and your suppliers.

We are focussed on fast and secure processing of your data to keep your your sensitive informations untouchable for others.

The Larix CPM Data-Security is based on the following aspects:


  • Build on tough and industry proven frameworks with highest security demands in mind
  • Secure communication through 256 Bit SSL encrypted connections
  • All of Our Larix-Cloud Servers are hosted in the European Union
  • Automatic daily backups to keep your data safe
  • Larix is also available as On-Premise hosted solution

Your Contact

Nick Loth
Product Consultant

+49 (0) 89 / 307 66 780

BPS International GmbH

Wilhelmine-Reichard-Straße 26
80935 München

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